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The Fatboy Lamzac Family

Fatboy Lamzac

There can only be one original! And that's the Fatboy Lamzac.

In 2021 Fatboy launched its third generation Lamzac 3.0. You can take the Lamzac Family air loungers anywhere you like. They are lighter than before, easier to fill, extremely strong and in many new colours and prints.

Get comfy anywhere anywhere you want. You simple inflate the Lamzac with free air and enjoy long-lasting cosiness. Create your life-size air bean bag at the swish of a bag, yet deflate in a jiffy when it’s time to move on.

Lamzac: the inflatable Sofa

Want to pass your day in horizontal mode? Inflate your Lamzac then. No need to pump it up. Just sweep the beanbag horizontally till it fills with air, in a matter of seconds. Seal it off and it’s ready for action, or, more accurately, inaction. Wherever you want. In your garden, on vacation, at a festival, or even on a skiing break. It’s so easy to take this inflatable couch everywhere with you. This air beanbag is super-strong, as well as water-, dirt- and UV-resistant. Heading for home? Just flatten your Lamzac air lounger and fold it up. Couldn't be easier.

Lamzac O: the inflatable Chair

The Fatboy Lamzac O is an inflatable chair which you fill up in seconds by swishing it horizontally through the air. The inflatable chair is easy to close with the unique roll-and-lock system. In no time at all you’ll have a chair for your garden, on the beach or at the campsite.

The ripstop nylon or polyester material and waterproof coating also ensure that the inflatable relax chair is water and dirt-repellent. And last but not least, this inflatable chair weighs just 1 kg but can carry a weight up to 150 kg.

Lamzac L: the inflatable Sofa Bed

Lamzac L offers plenty of room to get in some serious relaxation – even a sneaky siesta. This broad and sturdy blow up sofa bed is great for relaxing in your garden, or on the beach. The recipe is the same: sweep Lamzac L horizontally till it fills with air, roll it closed and you’re good to go. Nowhere. Lamzac L is just as strong and water resistant as its smaller sibling. Feeling rested? Just fold up your Lamzac L and stow it in its bag. Use the accompanying ground-pin set to secure your Lamzac L so it won't fly off.

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