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Brikkon is a cooperative of five designers/creators (and parents!) from The Netherlands. Not only do they invent their products in The Netherlands, they also create them there – from the initial idea to setting up the machines and from testing to packaging.

They can guarantee the quality of the product. There is more to the creation of their beautiful toys: they use their creativity and make sure all the toys are made responsibly. That means they use wood from responsibly managed forests in Europe for Brikkon products. In addition, of course, it promotes sustainability if Brikkon makes your children start playing with their old building blocks again.

The idea to create Brikkon arose one day when their own children were playing with LEGOs (building bricks). If a set was made as described in the building instructions, they no longer took it apart or a new set was needed to get them to start building again. The box of building bricks was not being reused even though it contains a wealth of possibilities. But starting from scratch can often be difficult.

Brikkon makes it easier to start and inspires children to build using their imagination. A LEGO garden fence could just as well be a spaceship radar or a feather from a beautiful bird. With so many possibilities for each part, they can keep creating and playing. Whether you have boxes full of LEGOs at home or just a handful, Brikkon can get you thinking creatively in no time.

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